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For more information about the event or to inquire about becoming a Blue Ribbon Soirée sponsor, call 225-767-4685 or contact us through the form below.

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Other Blue Ribbon Soirée Contacts

Jude Bernhard [email protected]
Gretta Blankenship [email protected]
Jason Bridges [email protected]
Jordy Culotta
Joleen Hays [email protected]
Randy Hays [email protected]
Jen Hebert [email protected]
Janna Messina Kiefer [email protected]

Kathy Lato [email protected]
Heather Lato [email protected]
Ricky Lato [email protected]
Liz Laenger [email protected]
Janey Nasca [email protected]
Ronnie Maranto [email protected]
Kim Roccofort [email protected]
Daniel Williams [email protected]